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We have had a little makeover...

We have had a little makeover...

You may have noticed we have had a little makeover……We have introduced our new logo. Team Turmec put their heads together with CDG Brand design services and created this dynamic core logo. Alongside the brandmark a bespoke wordmark is also created and together these have all been blended to drive Turmec into a bold new chapter

The inspiration for the brand pays homage to the history (50years old) and industry of Turmec. The dynamic elements fit all brand touchpoints and compliments the modern Turmec brand experience.

We created a unique angular T brandmark using motion principles as a starting point. Visually striking when static, modern and engaging when animated. 

Turmec serves some of the largest waste management companies globally and strives to be the market leader in quality recycling solutions for the waste industry. We provide recycling systems that enable our customers to efficiently recover valuable material from waste reducing the need for landfills.  

 Core blue@2x