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Safety management meets best practice benchmark

Safety management meets best practice benchmark

Turmec’s system for managing health and safety in our factory and at client sites is now accredited to the new international standard, ISO 45001.

An independent audit at the end of January confirmed that our procedures meet the current benchmark. Previously we were registered to the ISO 18001 standard it replaces.

Prior to our application, we revamped our health and safety management system. Its redesign was informed by the expert input of a specialist consultancy, working alongside our senior managers.

Every member of the Turmec team has a role and responsibility to ensure we carry out all our activities safely. We also have well-established procedures for reporting and investigating near misses as well as incidents. Safety training is governed by an H&S training matrix for all staff and continuously reviewed and updated.

The annual audit for 2020 also confirmed our adherence to the international standards for managing quality and for environmental impacts – ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, respectively.

“Thanks are due to our team who worked hard to ensure our management systems follow best practice and merit this accreditation,” said Paraic Griffin, Turmec’s Operations Director. “It’s our individual and collective responsibility to ensure that we work safely and always safeguard our colleagues’ health and wellbeing.”