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High quality alternative fuel produced from waste

Turmec specialises in the design and build of complex waste separation and processing systems which are critical for large-scale, efficient waste processing and recycling plants. Turmec caters to some of the leading waste management companies on a global scale. The company's workforce of 100 individuals operate from their expansive 66,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility located in Rathcairn, situated within the Irish-speaking Gaeltacht region of County Meath. Our recent project was more close to home at Wilton Waste in Co Cavan, Ireland, this plant showcases cutting-edge waste processing systems aimed at achieving top-tier recovery and recycling rates in the industry. This advanced facility recovers high-value recyclables for resale to recycling companies, while transforming non-recoverable materials into premium-grade fuel for industries like cement manufacturing. #WiltonsWaste #Turmec #SRF # alternativefuel